Wednesday, 12 April 2017


this is my possums slide show

mt bruce

At mt bruce there was different tips of birds.There were kaka, white kiwi and fantails.The Eels were my favorite part because they got fed a mouse and the food was mushed together.The movie about the native birds I liked.I was really excited to see the blue duck.But unfortunately I didn't see it in real life.I liked it when the white kiwi was chasing the brown kiwi.The kaka were crazy at eating time.They were flying about and scratching the bark with their beak. I wasn't scared of them landing on my hat.

special place

“ Special place” by Charli M You can hear the birds and see the ducks and it feels a little damp.You can play in the playground and look at the gold can get wet in the water park and feed the black and white ducks bread.You can climb the big trees and jump on slippery rocks and that is why it is a cornwall park is a special place.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

10 word story

Pigs build houses and wolf tries to blow but fails.